We believe in the power of laughter!  It was this belief that brought the Tickle Me Comedy Club from a vision to a reality!   

The owner of the Tickle Me Comedy Club, Philip Peredo has first-hand knowledge of that power.  Throughout his life Philip used comedy and laughter to funnel through his own personal obstacles.  He saw early on how laughter is not just a result of an emotion, but truly a life saving mechanism for health and well-being. It was this intuitive nature that propelled Philip into comedy.  Before coming to Las Vegas, Phil was a stand up comedian in New York.  Philip’s love of comedy grew into a personal mission.  He believed that comedy could change lives!  He then came to Las Vegas and worked hard to open the Tickle Me Comedy Club.  It was this road that lead him to his solid mission to touch people by changing their lives one laugh at a time! 

 The mission started and an organization was built that would focus on bringing joy to others. 


The overall mission to change lives through comedy is definitely the spark that is unique to Tickle Me Comedy Club.  Most comedy clubs are run like any business in Vegas to make money!  TMCC looks beyond that narrow scope.  They strive to hit directly to the heart of every person that walks through the front door of the TMCC!  Impeccable thought and care is taken with all the comedian selections. Each comedian brings unique perspectives and life experiences.  The variety of comedians allows the audience to connect with the comedian and fellow attendees.  Unique experiences and content encourage connection.     Connection isn’t the only benefit of attending the Tickle Me Comedy Club.  The club is also a TOTAL EXPERIENCE!  Be prepared to enjoy yourself and engage in a classic Las Vegas entertainment journey.  Here is a TOP 10 LIST on why you should attend a TMCC show: 

  1. We have the talent!  TMCC works hard to bring amazing comedians to the club.  Some comedians are local talent or talent from other parts of the world.  
  2. It’s Vegas Baby!  Whether you are hanging with your girlfriends or doing a group date night, TMCC is at your Vegas service.  Everyone loves a great Vegas show, and we aim to please! You won’t be disappointed.
  3. Amazing food!  If you are a foodie, we have you covered.  Enjoy gourmet food and specialty drinks at the bar or inside the club at your table.  We have the total experience for you!
  4. We are super accommodating!  We take the time to customize your visit if needed.  Our Tickle Me Comedy Club team is here for you if you have a large group and need some special attention.
  5. We support other businesses!  Ask our team about our combination tickets! We love that you love us, but we support other businesses in the Eclipse Building where TMCC is located.  When you combine your night out with the dance club or a movie at the Eclipse, we’ve got your back.  
  6. FREE PARKING!  We know this is an issue in Vegas, but not when you visit us.  Tickle Me Comedy Club is located on the third floor of the Eclipse Theater building in the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. The venue has its own indoor well-lit parking garage.
  7. REFUNDS!  Hey life happens.  We totally get it.  If for whatever reason you need to change your plans, we can provide a refund or exchange.  
  8. We care about others.  Every show will feature a charity!  You will have the chance to donate to a featured charity.  When you do, we will match it 100%.  
  9. Maya Angelou once said, “People will never forget how you made them feel”.  We are always working harder to make your experience with TMCC unforgettable.  We truly care about how you feel when you walk out our door.  
  10. The number ONE reason to hang with us is we are comedians with a heart!  We know the benefits of laughter! We desire for every person to reap the amazing health and well-being benefits of experiencing joy through laughter. 

In a world of unsteadiness and change we are true blue believers in laughter.  Positive  psychology shows that laughter changes everything.  We are kinda big thinkers at Tickle Me Comedy Club and we believe that comedy can change the world!  Science has shown there are so many benefits to laughter.  Did you know that laughter can:  

  • Decrease stress in your life
  • Encourage connection with others
  • Give you a new perspective when times are hard
  • Promotes resiliency and strength
  • Aids in medical problems
  • Makes you enjoyable to be around
  • The list goes on and on……..

Thinking out of the box is what we do and Tickle Me Comedy Club has created a Comedy Community. 

The intent is to encourage a comedy connection long after you visit us.  We love community and our hope is to build a laughter portal for people to encourage connection and common ground.  Stay tuned for more information on this in the near future! 


We are a catalyst for connection.  We believe every person no matter what they have been through needs relief and hope through comedy.  We have created a new organization called “Comedians United”.  Comedians United is made up of amazing comedians.  They have banned together for the good of the whole. They all have one thing in common to make the world a better and more hopeful place through laughter.  This group will come together to bring heart and hope through comedy to the world.  In a time when so many have lost hope, this group’s desire is to restore hope through laughter.  Also stay tuned on how you can help!