Why Tickle Me Comedy Club?

By Isaac Israel
October 20, 2019

What makes Tickle Me Comedy Club different from all the other stand-up comedy clubs in Las Vegas? Why should you go to this club when there are nine other comedy clubs plus several other comedy shows in Las Vegas?

The answer can be found in the history of the founders of this comedy club. Philip Peredo was a New York City stand-up comedian when he moved to Las Vegas in 2012. At that time, in order to secure stage time and to be on more comedy shows, Phil began booking, producing and marketing shows on and off the Las Vegas Strip in theaters, bars, restaurants and any venue that would allow for a show.

He would produce all kinds of shows, but mostly comedy shows. In order to actually make money from these shows, he started a company called TickleMe Entertainment (TME), whose slogan was “Changing Lives One Laugh at a Time” because he truly believed he was doing that with each and every comedy show he produced.

Prior to arriving to Las Vegas in 2012, Philip had ended a three-year marriage in divorce. He left his home in New Jersey and moved to Las Vegas with the intention of eventually going to Los Angeles. The reason he believed his company TME was “changing lives one laugh at a time”, is because that is what it did for his own life. Phil found much sadness and frustration with his divorce and the only thing that made him feel better was performing stand-up comedy. After he was able to manage the feelings from his divorce, he was able to continue using stand-up comedy to manage other issues he felt were a long struggle in his life.

Philip had grown up with a father that had a temper and often yelled at him. Phil’s father yelled for many years and he internalized these feelings of anger for decades. Over the years, Philip grew to understand that it wasn’t only his father that had anger management issues, but many people – men and women – also had this issue.

As Philip’s business grew and as he continued to take the stage with his stand-up comedy, he began learning and mastering the art of humor. It started becoming more a part of his life and a strong skill he would sharpen on a daily basis. He would use this skill to communicate with his father and to turn what he believed to be tragedy in his life to comedy. And to this day, he still uses his skill of humor with this family, friends, colleagues and audiences from around the world.

Phil wanted to take his experiences and the transformation in his life and share it with the rest of humanity. And that is why he created Tickle Me Entertainment. 

In October 2017, the Eclipse Theaters reached out to Phil Peredo because they saw the news online of his comedy shows he had been marketing and producing in Las Vegas for the past five years. They wanted a night of entertainment once a week for their patrons, so Phil started a one-day-a-week comedy show on Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm.

Over the next year and a half, he grew the audience and his business. Then in January 2019, Phil spoke to a good friend of his, Evan Green, about wanting to open his own comedy club that would run five days a week, Tuesday to Saturday. He asked Evan to be an investor in the company.

Evan had a successful global outsourcing business called Personiv. He was also a local philanthropist with two non-profits called LVIP Dining and Comedy with a Heart – both organizations raised funds to feed hungry children and families in Las Vegas. Evan was also a speaker and a comedian himself. They had several conversations and Evan agreed to provide Philip the funds for the stand-up comedy club.

phil and evan - jpeg

So, on April Fools’ Day, April 1, 2019 the comedy club was opened on the beautiful 24,000 square foot, third floor of the Eclipse Theaters overlooking the downtown Las Vegas area and the Las Vegas Strip. Phil was able to continue his dream of sharing the gift of laughter and humor to audiences that visit Las Vegas from around the world and the local population.


Philip has done his best to find the best comics in the world to match his slogan, to match his values and to match his vision for his clubs. One day he would like his clubs to be located all around the world to be easily accessible to all the world’s people and to bring them this positive spirit of hope, joy, laughter and triumph over life’s struggles so that they in turn may continue being better people in their own right and contributing to the world each in their own way.

The Tickle Me Comedy Club is truly a tour de force of comedy, laughter, good spirits and empowerment of its global and local audience in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To find out more about the club, go to TickleMeComedy.com